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About Us : Our Partners

In the field of Life Sciences, RRR is associated with the following firms:

1. Pharmacosmos A/s, Denmark– for high quality dextrans and iron dextrans for human and veterinary use and dextran standards

2. rothpharmaservice GbR– for registration of generic drugs in the EU and South Africa

  In the field of Surface Finishing, RRR is associated with the following firms:  

1. Galvano Lammert AB – for organic brighteners for white and bright silver plating for the non-EU market

2. Dr.-Ing. Max Schloetter GmbH & Co KG – for high quality products and equipment for general metal finishing and plating on printed circuit boards

3. Nanocraft GmbH – for nanocoatings for anti-tarnishing and corrosion protection of silver, gold, aluminum, steel and other surfaces for the South Asian market

4. Metakem GmbH – for precious metals plating baths and platinized electrodes, dimensionally stable anodes, shielded anodes and diamond anodes

5.UDO PLANTE GmbH -for "titanium clad copper busbars (TiCu Clad®) for electrochemistry & galvanising Industry..


In the field of recovery of precious metals from production rejects, scrap, spent catalyst, sludges etc.

M/s. PGM Technologies/PGMT Europe GmbH (www.pgmtinc.com) for cleaning of nitric acid and caprolactam plants in order to recover Platinum Group Metals.


RRR is associated with the firm Mairec Edelmetallgesellschaft mbH, Alzenau, Germany, for recovery of Precious Metals such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, Rhodium, Iridium, Palladium and other precious metals from industrial wastes, scraps, wipes, sludges, pipes and other sources
Coating & Additives for Ammonium Nitrate & Fertilisers

PST Industries France:

Rane Rao Reshamia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd is the sole selling agent for the renowned Freeflow, Freecol, Superblast and Supraprill Brands of additives and coatings for the Ammonium Nitrate Industry and the Fertlizer Industry for the territory of India.