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  Mr. Santosh Rane   
Mr. Santosh Rane 
Mr. Santosh P. Rane obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Science with Honours from the University of Bombay. Subsequently, he obtained a Diploma in Business Management from the University of Bombay. He worked as a Technical Field Chemist in the metal finishing industry for five years and was responsible for trouble shooting, technical marketing and establishment of new plating plants in various parts of India. Subsequently, he devoted himself full-time to RRR's activities.

Mr. Rane has rich experience in the design of manual, semi-automatic and automatic tailor-made electroplating plants for various types of substrates and components, establishment of process sequences, jig design, wire-cut machining and trouble-shooting. He has put many innovative ideas into practice in the fields of electroplating, electrophoretic lacquering and other surface finishing techniques and is well known in the field both in India and abroad. He has visited several surface finishing plants in different continents.

Mr. Rane became a member of the Metal Finishers' Association of India (MFAI) in 1974 and was a member of the Governing Council for several years. He also served as the Honorary Joint Secretary of the MFAI for many years. He has been instrumental in organizing, on behalf of the MFAI, the MFAI exhibitions at IIT Bombay in 1997, New Delhi in 2002 and Mumbai in 2006. Mr. Rane is also a member of the Bombay Cricket Association.
E-mail id: s.rane@rrrlabs.com