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About Us : Growth

Beginning with specialized job work of electroless plating, RRR has grown and spread its businesses, in chronological order, to electroplating job work, brighteners and additives for electroplating, fine chemicals synthesis by classical organic synthesis and by bio transformations, import and export of pharmaceuticals, tailor-made formulations for various surface finishing processes including electropolishing, anodizing, electrophoretic lacquering and effluent treatment, process sensors and process units for various industries.

Along its journey, RRR has developed close business relationships with companies and institutions located on all continents.

Future growth will continue to be shaped by in-house research and development as well as strategic cooperations.

For more information on specialized job work of electroplating and electroless plating, please visit www.progvins.com

For more information on our process sensors and process units, please visit www.centecrrr.com

You will find information related to all other businesses described above on this website under Life Sciences or Surface Coatings Technology.